About Me
Grand Gulla is a hard-working rapper from Seattle. He is very well-known locally and has a slew of notable accomplishments under his belt. He is a grinder who prefers performing in front of crowds instead of his workstation. He is the quintessential rapper and a true example of legitimacy in the rap game. His accomplishments include Seattle Sound Music Awards 2017 top 5 for best album, 2018 top 5 for best new artist, 2019 winner of the “internet hustler of the year” award, he’s been on the cover of Katana magazine and recently did an interview with stardom101mag in its September issue. Gulla has recently been blowing up all over the internet and it really seems like he is everywhere at once. His YouTube channel is just getting started and the quality of his content is such that he is already getting daily views and subscribers. He remains most active on his Instagram though found here… https://Instagram.com/grand_gulla …and he has been growing his account organically for the last several years to reach a respectable 18.7K followers at the time of writing this. Besides that he’s also active on TikTok, LinkedIn, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Facebook. Grand Gulla would like to shout out some of his crew to thank them for helping him along his journey. He calls this a “[email protected]” and it is meant to be the ultimate sign of respect from one entrepreneur to another. So this shout out goes to Rich Hu$tle and Hard Hitter Entertainment, Matt Kershaw Hogenson (@matthogenson1) who is the guitarist and backup vocalist on a song he and Grand Gulla did together called “Rockstar Party” …and finally Preston Hudman (@prestonhudman) who is a digital marketer and close friend. As of now Grand Gulla has two official albums that you can stream for free on Spotify. One is called “JJ Meyers” and the other is called The Seal-Tour. Here is a link to his latest… Grand Gulla is an ALL-genre musician that specializes in Hip-Hop and gangster rap. He has amassed a large following across multiple social media channels and has already become a local legend in Seattle, the city he hails from. The best way to contact Grand Gulla is by sending him a direct message on Instagram @grand_gulla